Why Ama Adventure?

Ama adventure is a group of active members who have well experiences to adventure that just reach to the next summit. When you Travel with us your journey directly supports the local people through Ama Adventure social fund make your holiday joyful along with supporting locals. Ama adventure is a one of the best Travel company comprising an excellent team with local expert and tour leader always ready to provide best services.

Ama adventure leading in the Himalayas with Tailor made travel packages all over around adventure outdoor destinations along with professional local leader. We also organized exclusive cultural tours, trekking and Spirituals packages Bhutan and Tibet along with the North Pole of Everest base camp.Ama adventure is a one of the best Travel company comprising a excellent team along with local expert and tour leader and commited to provide high quality services. We are flexible to manage travel dates on your interest.

All the travel packages we organize have fixed departure unless there are emergency incidents including Governmental restrictions, political disputes, pandemic, epidemic and natural disasters and emergencies local issues. Our expedition’s expertise provides relivates informations regarding travel, adventure outdoor activities like trekking, tour, adventure sports for life changing around the most beautiful corner of the world.

We also organized exclusive cultural tours, trekking and Spirituals packages Bhutan and Tibet along with the North Pole of Everest base camp. In the base of our years of experiences in adventure tourism industries, flourish multiple authentic tour and travel packages with informative and flexible itinerary according to traveler interests to Everest Base camp, Annapurna Base, Island Peak, Mera Peak Spiritual Kailash tour to offer our exclusive itinerary.From year 2021 May started World,s highest Golfing tour at kalapathar along with Everest Base Camp.

1. Commited to Providing high quality Customer Service 2. Successful Travel Vacation 3. Travel expertise 4. Professional Guide 5. Safety Standard 6. Local Connection / Respect Local 7. Prioritised Authenticity 8. Responsible Travel Agency for Safe the environment and local cultures 9. Best Price
​We are committed to providing high quality clostumer services and always believe in being the best. All local professional travel operators, staff and field staff organize an authentic schedule from beginning to departure of your vacation.While travel every day local chef serve organic food and spend overnight onedr the start onside local teahouse with cultural villages tour for tailor made travel experiences.We committed to being in the best in everything because always passionate for best and prepared for worse !!!
We are leading in the tour to near the summit of the world's highest peak by our effort of a passionate team. We believe in inspiring travel, value of your money, time and consistency to fulfill your lifetime dream. Ama adventure committed to payback wonderful travel memories to last forever.

Our travel exsperities consultant before prepared for the expedition and entire journey that strive all the travel packages in success.From the beginning all our travel specialist provides relevance information regarding fitness,diet that all necessary for adventure activities.We wants to make sure that travellers get enough information about their journey keep forward the question for more inquiry.

Expert consultants guide you from day one on your physical and mental preparation. Based on your experience and fitness, they will assist with what to choose and recommend that is best for you. Our travel experts provide even the smallest piece of information regarding the trip that leads to success.
Our expedition expertise provides the travel instruction from before sign up the trip till end of your travel about physical and physiological preparation before heading towards the journey. They always stand by to assist with the best suggestion for awe-inspiring and life changing travel experiences. Each program customized under the supervision has detailed information regarding travel itinerary , dates,travel time, best season and detail about the level of difficulties that can be helpful to select suitable destinations according to your fitness and interest.We always flexible to and all the queries relates to tour, trekking,climbing, filming and others informations that require for successful and comfortable trip.

Travel with being based on overseas and operating from Nepal travellers easily get quick response regarding travel information and emergency situation.Ama adventure founded with simple principle leading in the himalayas on the base of public partnership program for income generate and tailor made travel vacation. Our expedition specialists accomplish travel schedules from beach to top of the world for life long experience vacation.Travel expertise designed all kinds of travel packages including family tour, solo travel,group travel, group travel according to travellers' feedback/reviews.We belief that travel should be inspiring our dedicated filed staff and expeditions specialist assisting before engaging till departure.We are available 24 hours whenever receive the inquiry and all raising question regarding travel destination, weather, packing list budget and others importance information.
While explore remote area of Nepal nothing can be predictable situation can be change quickly our local leader are well known about the reason even can predict the upcoming weather able to collect local information about current situation that help to makes easy to communicate and further plan for save and comfortable travel. Our professionally trained technically proficient government certified local leaders have all courses that require us to be a professional Guide and safeguard.

Every step of your journey our leader always motivates us to move forwards to the next step for lifetime experiences. All our tour trekking and expedition Guides are highly trained, knowledgeable and government certified.The are knowledge about all the location information such as local culture, history, religion, clostoms, flora, fauna,formation of mountains, glacier including practical advance first aid training that require to be a professional tour leader.Travellers have rights to ask any question that related to about their tour our leader will try to and all the raising question as soon as possible.

We believe that travel could be strive lost in to the nature without getting lost.Travel must flexible while travelling ou just push yourself once in while might a little further than we thought could be and in finding something new everyday to laugh about adventure. We prefer to explore remote areas as well as promote hidden trails in the backcountry.Life with our adventure is dull, adventure outdoor activities make anyone fully live. Authentic adventure experiences can flourish from jumping into the water,fly like sky na jump from sky near by top of the world, Sky diving that apeling breathing taking adventure experiences.
All our program has detailed information about safety concerns regarding food, water and trail condition, subjective and objectives and hazards around mountain travelling sites.Our professional mountain and tour leader will ensure all the safety instructions that are required for safe tour, climbing and trekking. For safety concern We provide a well trained mountain leader, tour guide. Well communication environments with related operators,sufficient staff and stand by emergency evacuation if necessary.

Emergency evacuation use in the cases of severe altitude sickness,natural disaster and other unfortunate incidents while hiking in the mountains.our expert designed the all the expeditions and trekking itinerary on the base of clients feedback and our working experiences with sufficient accailamazation time.Without proper acclimatization is high chance to suffer from high altitudes mountain sickness that can affect entire journey and destroy your vacation.We care about customer safety because we customize all itinerary for trekking, climbing and expedition on the basis of research and clients review.

Before organized travel vacation we primarily focus on flexible itinerary with full of information that lead towards the successful travel vacation.We are sensible while creating any travel package always ensure that its suitable for all types of travellers.

Fison practical and theoretical experiences strive all our travel leder towards the perfectio,in profession.Ama adventure all leader are extremely trained,skilled well trained and certified from international certified organization with years of experiences in the mountains.Each of them began their career as a porter after years of practices gradually start leading in the himalayas. During the years of working phases explore most of the travel destinations and ancient all the popular high mountains. We make sure that Our experienced crew creates a tailor made travel vacation to try to make your travel as much fun and comfortable
While traveling with Ama adventure to discover remote corners of the world and new places we make sure that travel should value local culture,costumes follow the local rules especially while visiting Monastery, chorten, mani walls flooring prayer flags on the mountain walk among the Temple monastery. We consult regarding all the local traditions before travel and during the travel as well. We create great opportunities to make connections with innocent local guides, villagers, local operators and make the atmosphere to interact with them by different activities such as cultural programs, purchase local products and many more.

During travel it is great opportunities to share our travel passion for outstanding travel experiences and with local people along the way, explore local cultural museum, try local costumes, interaction with local artist, farmers and local cultural groups that not only makes your travel unforgettable it's also help to people increase local economy.
Authenticity is always the first priority we lead in the Himalayas through historical enactment, generic museums and themed National parks with Ama adventure. Beside that we search offers opportunities to explore history and understand culture through adventure authentic travel sites.

For authenticity we duck into a Kpan Monastery, Lumbini and other religious and spiritual sites for spiritual experiences and meditation.Take you to the Swayambhunath awake to the raucous shrieks of Asami Monkeys, langur monkey around Annapurna and langtang national park stop to fill out lungs with crip. While trekking, we explore the high pass around Everest region in the footsteps of legendary mounteneriers and feel the earth tremble as a lumbering elephant, Bengal tiger and One horn Rhino around Chitwan and Brdiya Nationalpark.
We believe in Sustainable travel that should leave a positive impact and strive towards betterment. We organize small group travel that is allowed to blend into the places we are travelling.Ama adventure explore rather than delivering the local flavour with our presence. Even Though is it costs more but always works for local benefits. Ama adventure operating tours around the Himalayas based on the public partnership program ensure that our adventure journey helps the local socially,culturally and economically.

We make sure that While we explore local national parks, conservation areas, historical places, protected regions and cultural sites, more likely the people we encounter are not being harmed by our activities. Our major principle is to form a mutual relationship with the place and people that we explore that is beneficial only for locals. Our travellers also return home with a better understanding of their world.

Join Ama adventure on small small groups, private or costume trips all over the operating country along with supporting locals to generate income sonic and lifetime experiences through backcountry trails.
Ama adventure guarantee to brings the special price for traveller;s comfort vacation as much as possible.While traveling with us clients gerts the high quality services with differences between numbers,group size and region.Our major principle always creates the idol travel Schedule based on your budget,physical ability , interest requiry and client’s review. Our travel expert assists to plan your travel in every aspect of tour, trekking, climbing and research for your tailor made travel experiences.

We offers special price all of our trips with same facilities that has been been providing regularly as original packages.our special priccers does not apply if travellers book the trip from third parties and other websites.This offers doesnt based on the according secondary tour operator’s discount offers and decrease the price for promotion their all the trips.

Team Ama adventure hope that our special price inspires and makes comfort to book the travel after such a hardship pandemic. We try to make the best deals on every trip and inspire to explore and create the best travel environment with all the safety and best deal.We provides high standard clients services without categories and adding extra cost.