Travel Insurance and Medical Insurance 

All Ama adventure travellers compulsory to purchase emergency Medical and Evacuation Insurance prior to their travellers.The travellers should be summit the proof of the insurance paper for your expedition will not be permitted to begin your expedition until completed.You should purchase this coverage through the insurance provider of your choice make sure that it must be include emergency Medical expenses, ,Emergency evacuation insurance which is  providing coverage against personal accident,death,medical expenses,emergency repatriation and personal liability.Travel insurance plan should be coverage trip cancellation or delay,medical coverage, loss of Baggage,emergency travel service.

Insurance providers have customers helping agents and they provide the relevant information about the insurance policy and scheme.

Travel insurance must be coverage at minimum :

- Accident and Emergency Medical expenses Maximum of :10,000 USD

- Emergency Evacuation must be covered Maximum of :3000,000

- Travellers should understand that global pandemic added additional complexities regarding insurance policy .It's the traveler's responsibility to understand the no systems to coverage ,all Covid-19 travel risk and specific policy of travel insurance.

cancellation Insurance

Ama adventure highly recommend to travellers from all over the world to purchase cancellation travel insurance including trip cancellation, flight cancellation and interruption insurance after booking your flight. 

Additional Insurance may cover the given :
- Medical expenses for injury before and during the trip.

- Health condition of Family /Emergency situation of Family 

- If flight gets canceled or delayed due to the weather.

- Loss of Baggage 

Guidance Before Purchase the Travel Insurance 

- Check the history  and review of Insurance company 

- Insurance company should be value of your Money provides with cover travellers need it must

- Choose valid and reliable Insurance company 

- Insurance providers must be flexible in emergency situations to provide the expenses cost.

- Always choose a valid Insurance company even though it is costly.