Ama Adventure Service of Terms and Condition

- Cancellations and Refund

- Liability and Assumption of Risk

- Ama Adventure Privacy Policy

Trip Cancellations and Refund 

If you cancel your expeditions 60 days prior to departure then you will be able to reschedule be reimbursed the full cost of this trip. net the non-refundable deposit of USD100 Bank transfers can make 25% of the total amount a non-refundable booking deposit is required for every trip booking per person, booking. Non-refundable terms also used if you voluntarily leave a trip. All the flight booked by Ama adventure is 100% non-refundable; any alterations that must be subjective to the term of the ticketing airline.

The terms refer to all itineraries explain on websites such as Walking, tour trekking, expeditions, etc.

If your Trip canceled by Ama Adventure due to natural disasters, weather conditions we will reschedule your trip without any additional cost. If rescheduling is not possible, we will be reimbursed the total amount of your purchase less than 20% of the cost.

If cancellation made less than 60 days prior to your scheduled departure for this trip, you will miss full of life experiences. We are always flexible with the cancels any trip in terms of your personal safety, health, and welfare of participants but we are not responsible for any additional expenses assumed by the participant in his or her for the (visa fee, on refundable airlines ticket, medical expenses, etc).

Ama Adventure fixable to cancel any trip due to your personal problems, safety measures, personal safety, unconditional health situation, and welfare of clients. We are not responsible for and additional expenses assumed by clients in his/her for the trip such as ticket visa fee nonrefundable airline tickets, international flights, and medical expenses, etc.

Ama adventure promotional and all discounted offers made by a third party and promotional website are 100% non-refundable and nontransferable. Bank Transfer, master card, and credit card can make payment Booking.

Liability and Assumation of  Risk Management 

Ama Adventure all team member provides authorities’ and marketing organizations has a license to organizes administers tour packages in locations all over the globe.

We are very responsible for our own staff, Hotel, Ground operator and supplies of services related with these trip we are liable for providing their respective services.

Ama Adventure will not liable and responsible for any loss, damage, injury, damage to personal belongings, delay or inconvenience situations such as flight delay unexpected unconditional cases such as acts of government, weather, civil war, strikes or others activities, airlines, accommodations natural disaster others means of ground transportations.

We are not liable for subjective dangers such as animals, marine life, the dangerous incident from adventure activities (rafting, bicycling, hiking, kayaking, etc.)As well as other health-related cases such as food poison difficulty in an evacuation, medical or their emergency which is beyond of our direct control.

Team member of Ama adventures who registering for your adventure acknowledges that he /she is always aware with potential risk and dangerous activities but the risk is always beyond of our assumption. The participants acknowledge that weather conditions may be unpleasant, medical services or facilities may not quickly available, especially in remote areas.

Visa and Passport 

Ama Adventure requests all the participants to carry a valid passport and appropriate visas. While traveling with us, the visa should valid for the six-month duration of the trip. When you arrive in you will approve the visa for travel in Nepal, for travel to Bhutan and Tibet, we will arrange for the visa process according to your request. We will not responsible if you refused to enter due to your invalid document, you need to ensure that you traveling with the correct visa for the country.

Cost Increase, Delay and Change in the Itinerary

Ama Adventure will not responsible for providing any compensation for delay in the trip due to the trail conditions, rain, bad weather, delays in transportations, government interventions, or act of God. we always reserve the right informs to the clients in that case delayed returns flights, the participants are to take bear all extra expenses including food and accommodations costs. We also request that if you wish to make the alternative arrangement additional cost would be yours. Ama adventure will not accept any responsibility for costs insured as a result of missed international flight but we are always willing to find the best alternative ways to make the journey comfortable as soon as possible due to the unforeseen circumstance we may need to change in the itinerary.

Health and Medical

Before sign, the trip we want to confirm that participant is mentally and physically fit and does not have a condition that would limit mobility. Further, we would like to confirm that he/she does not have any physical or mental conditions, disability creates the harmful condition for the other clients.

The adventure we are going to above 10,000 feet participant certifies that he/she does not suffer from any circulatory or respiratory disorder. In that’s the situation we request to percipients to inform us before departure for expeditions to reserve the right in our sole decline to discretion, decline to accept or remove any participant on the trip at any time during the trip due to medical considerations.
Expeditions we taking often hard to find hospitals and appropriate medical facilities, as well as evacuation, can be prolonged and expensive. For your safety, measures Ama Adventure regarding the provision of medical care, clients will receive appropriate health information and medical form to fill up.

Travel Insurance

Ama Adventure noted that valid and appropriate travel insurance is required for all the participants. Travel insurance must cover your accidents, injury, illness, and death medical expenses, emergency repatriations including evocation, and air ambulance. Your supplemental insurance may be cover trip cancellations due to an injury before expeditions, trip cancellations unconditional situation in your family, reimbursements, if your flight is canceled or delayed due to bad weather and theft or loss of baggage. You must carry proof of insurance with you and produce it if reasonably requested by the company employees or suppliers. Ama adventure reserve the right to cancel or suspend your participation on a trip or in certain activities that comprise part of a trip at any time, including after the commencement of your trip with no right to refund if you will unable to provide proof of insurance when requested.

Phtography and Videos

Ama Adventure reserve the right to take photographs or videos during any part of their journey and to use the resulting photography, videos, or recording for personal commercial use. Moreover, to making a reservation on a trip if clients give permission to use by Ama adventure and Ama adventure.

Copyright used in all videos and photographs and other documents prepared by participants’ from expeditions, materials which are related with travel. If any of the participants want to provide their travel documents voluntarily, Ama adventure took on use for the promotional activities and editorial use as well as promotion of the Ama adventure promotional program.


Ama Adventure takes complaints in a very positive way, if you have any questions or complaints regarding collections of your personal information as well as applicable privacy legislation and disclose please send a written letter or email to Ama adventure privacy officer at in (
We are very sensible for all complaints regarding your privacy and personal information while we receipt privacy officer will review it within 2 weeks of business days we will respond to the written letter to indicate the contact address. If you give positive feedback and response, we will invite the privacy officer to resolve your subject matter.

Responsibility of Clients 

Ama adventure Expect from all the Clients to be responsible for understanding conditions as explained in the trip schedule. We request to all selecting a suitable trip according to their own ability and interest before chose the trip better to consult with us in terms of trip selection. Before beginning your expeditions we always provide reading materials trip itinerary and supplements trip information in the trip materials for good preparations for the trip such as right clothing and others necessary types of equipment as advised in provided materials. During your booking process, you can take fitness advice from fitness consultants.
Participants agree to conduct in a good manner, respective behavior during traveling with Ama adventure, participants who committed to attends to commit others inappropriate conduct including but there is no limit to threading behaviors’ which can create unsaved for others safety, physically verbally abusing staff or other participants intensely. If any participants stealing purposely or inducting the physical damage of Ama Adventure’s or other traveler’s facilities types of equipment as well as frailer to the verbal instructor of staff, in that case, Ama adventure policies could result in forfeiture of the agreement and removal of birching participants in the secure location.


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