Binod Adhikari founded Ama adventure in 2012 after engaging couples of years as filmmakers. Over the course of his career, he has produced and shot numerous television commercials, promotional documentaries and music videos. All of the documentaries and travel blogs are based on real stories. The objective of the pursue Nepal’s hidden stories is to strive the society to the positive change. 
His first feature length documentary, “The Color of Brave”, tells the story of two former victims of trafficking who are fighting to rid Nepal of this pernicious crime. He has also shot a documentary, “Bright in Dark”, about the extraordinary Shanta Chaudhary, a former Kamlari (indentured female servant) who became a parliamentarian. He is a local Producer for “Brave Girl”, an award winning narrative short about a young Nepali girl at risk of falling victim to a conman of the “sex trade”. Sony's World” an Al-Jazeera documentary which follows a Lebanese woman’s journey to Nepal to understand the background of her Nepali employee. 
He has collaborated with BBC, National Geography, CNN and independent filmmakers from across the world While producing short movies “The color of Water,” “Human  and  Elephant” and  Korean documentary. 
He was always influenced by his early childhood that spent in the surrounding by splendid mountains, towering cliffs and rolling hills that influenced him to join this sector. That childhood inspiration with the treacherous beauty of the Himalayan peaks led him to document the 2011 Everest Expedition of Pemba Dorje Sherpa, the world record holder for the fastest solo ascent. Later the same year, Binod shot a groundbreaking television commercial in which the banner of “Nepal Bank Limited” was planted on Everest’s summit where he achieved the official world record of the Highest TV commercial shoots in 2011.
He always believed that little ideas are put into the people can flourish in the larger things. The ideas has been drawn on the process of social documentaries based on Girls Trafficking that motivate the established tour company to create the opportunities for the victims. The former victims of Girl trafficking who are fighting to be resettled to rid themselves from this pernicious crime.  For him sustainability emphasized the responsible tourism that directly associate with local community and supporting local residents, social issues, save the environment and finally channelized local main power.
He ensures that everyone should get equal opportunities and surety of provide optimum services standard to all the clients, employees. In about two decades of experiences has explored all over remote areas of Nepal through authentic villages, hidden cultural and historical sites, melting real people and incredible natural beautiful sites of Nepal. In my solo journey, authentic ideas not just myself can be reflected in the travel business.
He established Ama Adventure as a way of harnessing the power for society. He contributes to Nepal from foreign land in multiple sectors in multiple social sectors including Health, Education and   women empowerment around the rural areas to promote the hidden stories to reflect the Nepalese Society”. In a few decades, exploring different countries from the globe, he has learned different ideas from different sectors which he wants to apply in Nepal for its betterment and drive the society into the progress. He has been a part of various consulting projects and Lunching Multiple enterprises and social initiatives. Binod is the founder of Namaste Studio - USA, Producer of Brave Girl-Movie, Director of Everest Man as well as currently, CEO of and Last month he set new world's record for playing golf at highest altitudes at 5,545m above the sea level.