1. Why should I plan my travel with Ama Adventure ?

All travel agencies provide you an itinerary and guide while going on a trek. If you travel with Ama Adventure, we promise you to make your travel experience hassle free and best as possible. We can even customize a travel itinerary that suits your interest. Traveling with Ama Adventure makes you a contributor to uplift the local(places where you travel) economy.

2. How many people can travel with Ama Adventure in a single group?

Generally, Ama Adventure makes a group of people upto 12 travelers if they choose to go on a same destination. If more than 12, we divide them into different groups. You can even travel with Ama Adventure if you are alone.

3. My friends and I want to travel with Ama Adventure and we have a group of 15. Is it possible?

We used to make a group of maximum 12 travelers but if you already have a group of 15 friends, we make sure not to separate your group. We will manage to make an itinerary and plan that make your travel comfortable.
4. I alone want to visit Nepal. Is it safe to travel with Ama Adventure?
Ama Adventure makes you feel safer whether you are a group traveler or a solo traveler. If you are alone, we can make your group with other travelers whose interests are the same as yours. However if no other travelers are traveling to the same destination as you or if you want to travel alone, we can still manage to take you alone.

5. Do I need a visa while I travel with Ama Adventure?

Basically visa requirements depend upon which country you are from rather than with whom you are traveling. To know about the visa you can contact us.

6. What measures are taken by Ama Adventure for sustainable and responsible tourism?

Social responsibility and environmental sustainability is always our major priority. Everything we do is environmentally friendly, equitable, and socially responsible. We support the local community in multiple ways, protect local culture, heritage and apply the concept of travel for progress and power of togetherness with best environment practice.

7. How does Ama Adventure  assist to manage the pre and post trip arrangements?

Our travel team have years of experience in this field and are always ready to arrange any types of arrangements post trip, trip extension and post trip as per your requirement. We are partnered with highly expert service providers for all kinds of travel facilities that will help to reserve any types of travel services.

8. Does Ama Adventure remind us about our travel date?

While we confirm your booking, we make sure to provide you with an itinerary, travel dates, included facilities, precautions, and all the ideas that you need while traveling Nepal. We also reach out to you a week before your travel date.

9. What should I pack for the expedition?

You can check the list of required items on the packages of the respected expedition. We also provide you with the list of it in your booking confirmation mail.

10. How should I prepare for my trip? 

You should manage all the required items for your trip. Also you should focus on your physical as well as mental health. We suggest you start walking a few kilometers and doing exercise before a week or more around your locality.

11. How do I know which trekking is best for me?

We have a variety of trips which are appropriate for all types of people. Our travel operator and expedition expert is always glad to solve your inquiry. Whenever we receive email or call our team will share exclusive knowledge about travelling in Nepal. For more queries, leave a mail with your questions.

12. Where is Nepal located in the Globe and why is it famous among travelers?

Nepal is a small landlocked country located between two large countries; China and India in Asia. The latitude and longitude of Nepal in the globe is 28.3949° N, 84.1240°E. Nepal is rich in flora and fauna. Since the country's altitude lies from 80 meters to 8,848.86m above the sea level. Travelers can find all kinds of terrain in Nepal. Also the travel destination, attractions, accommodation and climatic conditions are best for travelling in Nepal throughout the year.

13. Is Cell Network and Internet available while I am in Nepal?

First of all, you must purchase a local sim card to get access to cellular networks. These days, telecommunication services are available in different corners of the country. If you are in the city, you can easily find the cell network and internet facilities. While you are traveling in remote areas, traveling in dense forest, trekking in high himalayas, and network restricted areas, you will have difficulties finding the network and accessing the internet service.

14. What is the best season to visit in Nepal?

Basically, five seasons evolve in Nepal throughout the year; (Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn and Winter). People can visit Nepal during all five seasons since in summer, it’s not too hot in the Northern part of Nepal similarly, in winter you can find a pleasant temperature to explore Southern Nepal. The best time to travel Nepal is in Autumn(Sept - Nov) and Spring(Feb - Mid April). If you visit Nepal in these seasons, then you can experience Nepal's natural beauty at its peak. As well as, you can witness most of the festivals celebrated by Nepalese people and enjoy them together.

15. Is Nepal Safe country to travel?

Definitely Yes! Nepal is one of the safest countries to travel in. Nepal does have a peaceful and non violence environment. People of Nepal are really friendly and supportive with others and the geography of the country is suitable for traveling. You can find all kinds of travel destinations in Nepal and almost complete your bucket list  if you love adventure.

​16. Can I travel to Nepal with Children?

Yes you can. All you have to do is pack your bags and fly to Nepal. Here most of the places are child friendly. Kathmandu valley, Pokhara, Chitwan National Park, Bardiya National Park and lumbini are some of the best places for family vacations. There are lots of things to do with children in these cities.

​17. Can I use my ATM card in Nepal?

Yes, ATM booths are available in different cities of Nepal from where you can easily withdraw cash. You can even book a hotel room, buy tickets, as well as pay bills with your card in Nepal. If you are traveling in a remote area, we suggest you carry cash with you since the place may not accept cards.